Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Part 2: Mitsubishi Evolution X

Let me continue my post on the latest Evo X.

At the price of around RM328,000.00, you can get one of this in Malaysia with proper support from Mitsubishi Malaysia, no need for grey imports which usually lack in support. Although this car is known for its reliability, warranty and support provided by Mitsubishi should make life easier in case something happen to the AYC, S-AWC, Sport ABS or any other gadgetry on this car.

Interior, the car dashboard seems to be a bit plasticky but it shouldn't be a problem as the fit & finish is far from inferior.

The steering wheel has a nice grip to it with several control buttons on it so you can just concentrate on the road. This is important when you are traveling at warp speed with this very capable car.

Nice steering wheel

Another thing that surprised me is that this car is equipped with a 12-speakers Rockford Fosgate audio system. This is super-nice although it must have added some weight to the car (who cares when you have lots of horsepower at bay). I didn't have the chance to test it out, but I am confident that it will be able to produce spectacular noise with this setup.

Tweeters are mounted at the right place which should enhance your listening experience

Check out below for more pictures:

Twin-clutch SST gearbox - The gearbox even do 'throttle blip' for you

Even the carpet is nice - Maybe I should buy a set for my Proton Perdana, can it properly fit?

Nice BBS wheel with a mean-looking Brembo 4-pot caliper

Mitsubishi Malaysia, if you are aware of this blog, really hoping that you can also lend me this car for one whole week (not less and not more), together with fuel vouchers and new tires. I will try to do an honest review, although not as good as an automotive journalist, but it should be good enough for car fanatics such as me.

Keep on dreaming...

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