Sunday, May 24, 2009

Part 1: Mitsubishi Evolution X

Okay, for this post, I am not going to write about my car, but another car, which I can only dream of having one at the moment.

Mitsubishi Evolution X & me

Considered as a very fortunate day for me, I encountered this Mitsubishi Evolution X at Karamjit Motorsport workshop. I sent my car for a 5000 km service when this beauty in red arrived silently, without any lumpy exhaust sound or violently shaking the ground with it 280 horsepower (officially stated by Mitsubishi but I think the real figure is around 340 hp) in the engine bay. Quite silent for a car with this level of armory. It can be considered as an assasin in semi-disguise.

Karamjit Motorsports (satisfaction guaranteed and the price is very reasonable - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me)

I was very excited to found out that this legendary car arrived with a legendary driver, Karamjit Singh (FIA WRC Champion 2002 - Production Car). Either the car or the driver is very formidable on its own, so, when you mix it up, I don't even want to think about it. If you are driving the latest Nissan Skyline GTR and you meet them on a straight, YES, you may have a chance. BUT, a big BUT, if you meet them on corners, trust me on this, 'don't even try', even if you are driving a Ferrari/Lamborghini/Koenigsegg/McLarenF1/F1 cars... I'm not joking... this is serious... please don't even think of it. You may ask, how do I know this? I'll let you know on my future post.

Karamjit explained that the car was given to him for a day by Mitsubishi Malaysia for him to test and review. Lucky guy and also lucky me as I have the chance to take a closer look at this car with my own sweet time.

I believe that Mitsubishi has done a very good job with this car's design. It looks clean, handsome, sporty, elegant and the same time brutal. I don't really know how they manage to do this, but they have done it, in spade.

Front view (please make way for it when you see it in your car's rear view mirror)

Rear view (dual exhaust outlets-should be nicer if it is spread further apart, at the edge of each side)

What do you think of the look? Nice right.

To be honest, I don't really care about the look of this car. Mitsubishi can put on 3/4/5 or whatever number of exhaust outlets they wanted to but the thing is, I am really concern about the powerplant. The new all-aluminium 4B11T engine that actually replace the legendary iron-cast 4G63T engine. Can it deliver the same thrill and reliability? Hopefully so, because they are replacing an engine that can withstand more than 1000 horsepower and proven itself after near 20 years of serving.

This new engine, not only turbocharged but also features MIVEC that should helps a lot at higher RPM range. I think it will work like this:
Low RPMs- Mountains of torque delivered by the turbo (TD05H-152G6-12T in action)
Higher RPMs- Mountains of torque delivered by the cam timing change (MIVEC in action)
Results: Huge torque on-standby at any RPM

Nonetheless, I will be following 4B11T development closely to see if it can justify replacing 4G63T. For now, I will be enjoying my 4G63T, although without MIVEC, it is fast enough to give me a scare especially when the road is damp or wet.

I will try to post the 2nd part by tomorrow, for now, I need to get some sleep, feel really sleepy and dizzy, ZZzzz...


Ccs said...

Yeah that EVO X is one of Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia's vehicle, encountered it at their warehouse. It's also the car they use for car show. I did get to test drive an EVO X(on a rainy day), the stability control is really awesome and the most i like is the TC-SST (Super Sports Mode) throttle blip and high RPM maintaining capability. Not much "slip" like those in conventional automatic gearbox, not much jerk during gear shift in S-Sports mode. Playing with the shiftronic is just a waste of time when the TC-SST could do so much better... :)

I'm thinking of getting a perdana SEI and halfcut to 6A12TT but somehow there's ppl ask to change 4G63T instead, since you've been with so many perdana modders. Any opinion? and well, seems like 6A13TT is just too fuel consuming.

Wolverine said...

Hi bro,

Good to hear from a fellow petrolhead.

Answering your questions:

Evo1/2/3- 250/260/270bhp
6A12TT RS(white meter)- 240bhp
6A12TT (black meter)- 220bhp

Torque (on flywheel)
Evo1/2/3- 309Nm
6A12TT- 309Nm

Evo1/2/3- some of it come with front LSD gearbox
6A12TT- i don't think it comes with front LSD gearbox

Modification parts/potential
Evo1/2/3- how deep is wallet? parts are cheap but too many are available, hehe...
6A12TT- *sigh*, wallet need to be deeper coz parts are rare/too expensive

Fuel consumption (stop & go traffic)
Evo1/2/3- 400-450km
6A12TT- 450-500km

Fuel consumption (highway)
Evo1/2/3- 400-500km
6A12TT- 500-600km

Evo1/2/3- cheaper on labor and two less spark plug
6A12TT- labor is expensive coz engine too packed

*WOW factor*
Evo1/2/3- from Mitsubishi Evolution family line, rally inspired
6A12TT- from Mitsubishi Eterna

Evo1/2/3- single-turbo, TD05-16g (0.7 bar stock boost)
6A12TT- twin-turbo, TD025 (0.5-0.6 bar stock boost)

Price with bodyparts
Evo1/2/3- more than RM10k
6A12TT- more than RM8k

My experience
Evo2GSR- bullish acceleration when boost kicked in (beware when it is raining), can boost up to 1.2 bar with stock internal
6A12TT- more linear boost delivery, can boost up to 1 bar with stock internal

My suggestion: Go for Evo1/2/3!


Ccs said...

that help out alot, but there's still something I wonder. Heard everyone talking bout Evo 1 2 3, but how bout those onwards until 9, they uses the same 4G63T. As i know 6A12TT can make the car run as AWD, could the 4G63T do the same? And just to make things clear, the halfcut price for 4G63T is over 10K which is more expensive than the TT? How bout reliability for the inline-4?

Wolverine said...

hi bro.. only evo1-3 engine is compatible with the perdana body coz the newer evos diff is on the reversed side.

yup, u can still get 4wd. 4g63t engine + evo gearbox + 6a12tt rear axle.. voila.. it is 4wd.

reliability? 4g63t engine... bulletproof. not many engine can run to nearly 400bhp with stock internal. several modders actually goes more than 400bhp and still runs fine.

6a12tt is also reliable with stock boost and hp.


Ccs said...

hei bro,
been few months since i last posted a comment.
I need a few advise from u again. Now i already have a perdana SEi, and now I'm looking for an engine. Like u recommended, EVO3 and I've gotten the price engine, gearbox(semi-LSD), wiring complete set - 7300(without installation)

What do you think of it? Expensive?

And i also found another EVO2, same complete set - RM5K(without installation)

Hope to hear from you soon.

Wolverine said...

Hi bro,

Glad to know that you are now very near in getting your hands on a 'Mach 1' vehicle.

Price for both engine seems to be reasonable but you will need to make sure the turbo, ECU, LSD gearbox and the intercooler are in a good shape. Choose the engine that comes with better parts condition.

Get the halfcut shop to start the engine (hopefully it is from a halfcut) and make sure there is no funny noise. Tappet noise when the engine just started should be fine but it should go away after the engine warmed up.

Please refer to one of my blog post in making sure the gearbox is really LSD equipped based on the gearbox's code.

I also mentioned in one of my blog post, Evo II engine can handle higher boost (up to 1.2 bar with proper tuning and fueling) with stock internal due to lower engine compression. Evo III can only go up to 1.0 bar (again, with proper tuning and fueling). Personally, for me, I would go with Evo II engine rather than Evo III, but this is my personal preference.

Last but not least, make sure the garage that will be doing the engine transplant is really good in wiring as it can screw your car performance big time and cause lots of headache.

Good engine oil, proper fueling and tuning, replace all wore parts and timely service will ensure that you will enjoy the car performance nearly trouble-free.

Make sure you get endorsement right away from PUSPAKOM and JPJ after the engine transplant.

Welcome to the world of brutal G-force.

Ccs said...

Hei bro,

Need some additional information with you. I've been told by the mechanic that the meter couldn't be used(inaccurate) and need to be changed to the v6. I saw the v6 meter(white background) and I'm not sure could that be used to read the EVO3 signal.

Wolverine said...

Hi bro,

Actually u can't use v6 meter. U nd to find a meter from perdana s4.

Evo is 4-cyl, that is why nd to use perdana s4 meter. Alternatively, just use an apexi rsm. U can also use it to get rid of the speed cut.

Cheers bro.

Ccs said...

well yeah my perdana is SEi, inline 4. the meter got a topspeed of 240KM/H. yeah gonna add an RSM but not so soon(would be broke after conversion) to disable the speed cut.