Thursday, December 31, 2009

Battle Update 1

Yummy, so delicious.

Yesterday, exciting (but not a good example) things happened to me when I am on my way to and back from office on two of Malaysia' highways. Two fast cars followed my ride very close at the back and I think you know what that really mean.

Battle 1a
Level of Difficulty: Easy

On my way to office, a white Golf GTi, gave me the first battle of the day. If I am not mistaken, the stock car is equipped with 240 bhp of fire(horse)power. I am not so sure which version of GTi it is but the car managed to follow my ride quite close until I reached speed around 140 km/h. After that, it is a different story, I slowly left him at the back until we reach a toll plaza and took different route. My car was boosting at 0.7 bar which is the stock boost.

Battle 1b
Level of Difficulty: Hard

On the same day, on my way back from office after long hours at work, a Nissan Skyline GT-T (in dark blue color) is taunting me. This time, I am a bit worry because the traffic seemed quite heavy and the Skyline GT-T looks like it is packing serious horsepower under the hood. I quickly turn my HKS EVC 6 boost controller knob from Mode A to Mode B, switching it from 0.7 bar (estimated around 260 bhp) to 1.0 bar (estimated around 300 bhp) but the Nissan seems easily able to follow my silver ride at a very close distance. Getting near to the next toll plaza, the Nissan was slowly gaining on me but it can't accelerate any further as both of us need to brake for the toll plaza. He went to the cash counter's queue and I went to the Smart tag queue. Nevertheless, I am confident that he/she can overtake me if the road is a bit longer.

BTW, let us welcome Year 2010 and good-bye Year 2009.

May the car be faster and better.


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