Sunday, January 3, 2010

GSR, VR4, Evo 1-3 Gearboxes Code

Here it is:

W5M33-2-NGRE Lancer GSR RS (1992, 1800cc)
W5M33-2-NNZT Eclipse AWD 5spd mfg 3/94
W5M33-2-NPXV 91-94 Eclipse AWD 5spd mfg 6/90-2/94
W5M33-2-NPZT 95-96 Eclipse AWD 5spd mfg 3/94-6/96
W5M33-2-NQBE Libero/Lancer GSR, Non-LSD version of NRWE
W5M33-2-NQBK 1991-92 to 4/92 VR4/ZR4 Galant
W5M33-2-NQBM 1992 Galant to 5/92
W5M33-2-NRBE 92-95 Lancer GSR, lightweight synchro's 2nd & 3rd
W5M33-2-NRWE 92-95 Lancer GSR, stronger box, dbl synchro's 2nd
W5M33-2-NRXD 1990 Cyborg

W5M33-2-WPVF Galant VR4 E84A
W5M33-2-WQFK Galant VR4 EVO
W5M33-2-WQNK Galant VR4 EVO, close ratio box ?

W5M33-2-WQGE Evo1 GSR non LSD
W5M33-2-WQWE Evo1 GSR (and RS?) with front LSD
W5M33-2-WQYE Evo1 RS non LSD
W5M33-2-WQFE Evo1 RS with front LSD

W5M33-2-WPGE Evo2 GSR non LSD
W5M33-2-WPWE Evo2 GSR with front LSD <---- Mine
W5M33-2-WPYE Evo2 RS non LSD
W5M33-2-WPFE Evo2 RS with front LSD

W5M33-2-UPGE Evo3 GSR non LSD
W5M33-2-UPWE Evo3 GSR with front LSD
W5M33-2-UPYE Evo3 RS non LSD
W5M33-2-UPFE Evo3 RS with front LSD

Congratulations if yours came with the LSD!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Wolverine said...

Thank you for your constructive comment, really appreciate it.

Cheers bro.

Anonymous said...

You have to express more your opinion to attract more readers, because just a video or plain text without any personal approach is not that valuable. But it is just form my point of view

Wolverine said...

Haha.. bro, you are so right! One problem though, I am too busy enjoying my 4G63T engine. I'll try put up a post on my new wastegate (vta) asap, it is so brutal!


Anonymous said...

thank you for putting this up I've been researching if I can put one of these ball bearing front LSD's from one of the early evo's or Gvr4'a in my DSM because someone is selling one on and I could really use the front end grip.

Wolverine said...

Yes, wheelspin sucks.

LSD will help to reduce it alot so you can enjoy better launches!