Monday, January 18, 2010

Battle Update 2

Two days ago, around 8.20 PM, I was on my way to a restaurant in Banday Sunway for a dinner. The distance to the restaurant from my house (in Kuala Lumpur) is approximately 25 kilometres. It would took me between 35 to 45 minutes to reach the restaurant if I take the Federal Highway as the road frequently jammed with traffic, so I decided to use the New Pantai Expressway (NPE). By using NPE, I can arrived in just 15 to 20 minutes but I will need to pay RM 3.60 for toll but it worth every penny as I would spent less in petrol by avoiding crawling traffic on the Federal Highway.

After the 1st toll plaza from Kuala Lumpur, appeared from nowhere, a car tailgated me very close and it had a very menacing look from my rear view mirror. I can't really guess the car's model as the headlights was very bright and might be able to replace a flash grenade if required. I gave my car a bit of boost and moved to the slow lane and instantly recognized it, a black Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0.

Suddenly, the driver of that Lancer GT decided that he wanted to tailgate me one more time. I don't want to do stupid things on road but to let him tailgate this close, was annoying and dangerous. In 5th gear, I give it a good press on the gas pedal, combined with cold night air, the turbo boost came in a hurry and I left that car for a good distance before I slowed down as I was about to reach 160 km/h from around 90 km/h.

As I was slowing down further, try to reach my destination using a sensible and safe cruising speed, that Lancer GT reached at the back and started to tailgate again. I know that my car is not that fast, but against a Lancer GT that only packed around 150 hp at crank, the driver of the Lancer GT should know better not to mess with a Proton Perdana.

Although in a stock form, Proton Perdana V6 packed near the same horsepower at crank and well-known for its powerful V6 engine (6A12NA), especially those that already switched to a manual gearbox. It will be a very close match.

Unfortunately for this particular Lancer GT's driver, my car is powered by the 4G63T. Just to make sure he will not tailgate me again, I changed the boost setting to 1.0 bar and pedal-to-the-metal. Just several seconds later, I will need to get a telescope to be able to see the Lancer GT in my rear view mirror. Now, I can cruise safely and calmly to the restaurant, to get my dinner, 'Nasi Goreng Daging Merah' and 'Sirap Bandung'.

As a note, my HKS EVC 6 recorded 1.2 bar of peak boost although it supposed to be 1.0 bar. This is due to my car having 'boost creep' issue after I installed the 3" turbo-back exhaust (TBE). External wastegate? *Grin*.

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